About Us

About PT. Jatayu Mahkota Tunggal

Who We Are

Jatayu Mahkota Tunggal is a fully integrated trading by product exporter and has envisioned itself as one of the main suppliers of palm oil products and their derivatives
JMT aims to provide superior quality products to its customers through effective business practices such as continuous improvement of products and services.

JMT is principally involved in direct sales of various Palm Oil products as well as other products and derivatives including by-products.

We offer clients trading services of the highest standard in one integrated link centre, the Company leverages extensive contacts and relationships built up over years with Indonesian manufacturers, refiners, mills & dealers. This relationship allows the Company to serve consumers and traders who seek to source Palm Oil, the most traded in the world.

JMT currently operates in local, regional and overseas markets, serving a diverse clientele worldwide.

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Financial Analysis

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Company Values

Integrity means speaking the truth, being honestand showing a firm and unwavering commitment to strong moral principes and values. this is one of ourmost valuable assets.

Quality is very important because we will continue to provie the best of our product to each costumers, so that they can obtain benefits that meet the customers expectation.

  • Commitment 

Commitment to meeting customer need is our top priority and ensuring product delivery meets the quality spesification our customers demand.



Our Product

Our major products are Palm Acid Oil, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Shell, and Palm Kernel Cake.

It is also processed to be use for industrial applications including personal care products, animal feed, flavouring, home care goods as well as lubricants, polymers and industrial chemicals.

In running its business, JMT uses the latest processing machines and by experienced experts in their fields. To strengthen facilities and JMT has been certified nationally and internationally, so that its products can accepted worldwide. 

Market Destination

The company sells palm oil by-products from many plantations in Kalimantan and Sumatera as a sales agent (marketing). The Company has supplied palm oil by- product to China, India, Vietnam, and South Korea in the past. The World wide marketing technique is done throught traders or directly to end users, who are usually end users.

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