Palm Kernel Cake

Palm Kernel Cake (BIS, Bungkil Inti Sawit)

Palm kernel cake (BIS, Bungkil Inti Sawit) is one of the by-products of palm kernel processing with a content of 45-46% of palm kernel.

[1] BIS generally contains less than 10% water and 60% of the nutritional fraction is in the form of cellulose, fat, protein, arabinoxylan, glucuronoxylan, and minerals.This material can be obtained by chemical processes or by mechanical means.

[2] Although the BIS protein is low, the quality is quite good and the crude fiber is high. However, BIS has a low palatability, which makes it less suitable for monogastric livestock and is more often given to ruminants, especially dairy cows.

Improve Quality

To overcome the problem of low BIS digestibility, it is necessary to increase the digestibility of oil palm meal by adding enzymes (cellulase, xylanase, amylase, protease, and phytase) so that the nutrients in BIS can be maximized. In addition, solid substrate fermentation can also be carried out using protease and carbohydrate-producing microbes, such as Rhizopus oligosporus, Aspergillus niger or Eupenicilium javanicum. This mold can reduce levels of crude fiber and neutral detergent fiber. In addition, the BIS fermentation with mold resulted in an increase in protein and carbohydrate digestibility. The growth of mold in this fermentation is influenced by the water content, where the optimum water content is around 40-60%.Thus, it is hoped that the feed ingredients will be produced in large quantities and with good quality.

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