Palm Kernel Shell


Palm Oil Shell (CKS) is the part of the fruit which is located between the flesh and the kernel of the palm. The Coconut Shell has a natural dark brown color.


The size and thickness of CKS can differ from one place to another depending on where it comes from and the type of Palm Fruit obtained by the Palm Oil Factory. There are three types of oil palm in Indonesia:

  1. Pisifera (very thin to no shell)
  2. Tenera (0.5mm to approx. 3.5mm shell thickness)
  3. Dura (2mm to approx. 6mm shell thickness)


We always try to deliver the best quality Palm Shells to all our customers.

Our Palm Shell Standards can be categorized into :

  1. Unprocessed CKS

Unprocessed CKS is obtained from the Palm Oil Mill which is sent directly to the end user without any processing to reduce various unnecessary ingredients. This quality of CKS is cheaper in terms of price, however, it can be used more frequently due to the larger differences in size, thickness and foreign matter content in the CKS, and for long-term use boilers require more frequent maintenance.

  1. Processed CKS

Processed CKS is of higher quality, which has gone through quality control to ensure minimal presence of foreign matter, lower moisture/moisture content and smaller differences in the thickness of the palm shells.

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