Plm Kernel

What is Palm Kernel?

Palm kernel or palm kernel is the seed of the fruit of the oil palm which is contained in the skin of the fruit of the oil palm. Oil palm kernels are similar in shape and size to almonds, with a yellowish-white color. Palm kernels are edible and can also be processed into palm kernel oil, a very useful product in the food industry.

It should be noted that high temperatures can affect the color and quality of palm kernel oil. At very high temperatures, the color of the oil will turn darker, therefore the highest temperature allowed for palm oil processing is around 130°C at the boiling stage, which is intended to prevent too much of the core from discoloring.

The quality of palm kernel oil is very dependent on the quality of the palm kernel itself. Good quality palm kernel oil has a low free fatty acid content and has a pale yellow color that bleaches easily.

What Are the Benefits of Palm Kernel?

The benefits of palm kernel are very diverse, both as raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, and alternative fuels. Here are some of the benefits of palm kernel that you need to know:

Palm kernel oil (PKO) is an important raw material in the manufacture of cooking oil, butter and other food products.

Oil palm kernel is also used as a raw material for making oleochemicals, such as fatty alcohols, fatty esters, glycerol, and fatty acids.

Oil palm kernel can be used for the manufacture of lubricants, insecticides, pet food, protective coatings, and plasticizers.

The dregs from the processing of palm kernels can be used as a raw material for making high-quality animal feed.

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